IMS Wealth Management Monitor

The IMS WEALTH MANAGEMENT MONITOR (IMS Monitor, 3rd ed.), an audience survey from the Investing Media Solutions (IMS) Publisher Group, includes data from nearly 5,700 completed responses. The influential, affluent readers who have participated either professionally or personally influence billions of AUM making their sentiment and concerns particularly valuable for the nation’s financial services executives and marketers.

Select Audience Insights:

  • 64% of asset managers and 64% of retail investors each make reading “independent, niche websites” their highest priority in the digital media
  • 79% of asset managers are reading every day
  • 66% of retail investors are reading every day
  • Retail Investors selected “Growth” (54%) and “Wealth Preservation/Risk Management” (51%) as their top two investing objectives
  • 24% of retail investors report having investable assets (non-RE) greater than $1 million
  • U.S. equities are “most important” to retail investors portfolios (73%) with mutual funds coming in second at only 35%
  • “Trump administration Cabinet and policies” is the biggest economic concern of retail investors for 2017 (44%) followed closely by “Terrorism” in second place (43%)

Press Release:
Third IMS Wealth Management Monitor Reports Serious Economic Concerns Despite Bullishness Among U.S. Asset Managers, Affluent Investors